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 Young man talking in group therapy session
Caring for you—body and mind
We understand that behavioral health needs to be addressed throughout a person's life. That's why we're here to focus on behavioral disorders, psychosis, and addiction impacting all age groups, from children and adolescents right up through geriatric patients. 

Behavioral Health at Staten Island

Mental health and addictive disorders are not only among the most common illnesses in any community, they can also have the severest impact on functioning and quality of life. People in need of behavioral health services represent every group—they’re our families and friends, our colleagues and neighbors.

At Staten Island University Hospital, we strive to address the diverse mental health needs of our community by providing high-quality psychological services and behavioral health resources. These include emergency, inpatient, and outpatient services for people of all ages suffering from a variety of psychiatric disorders, as well as addictive disorders. We offer optimal access to behavioral health treatment and wellness services for the entire region. And we continue to strengthen our commitment to education and training in psychiatry and its related disciplines while expanding knowledge in the behavioral health sciences through clinical research.

We offer a supportive team and a range of substance abuse treatment options that provide compassionate and effective care for patients and their families.

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The Department of Psychiatry of Staten Island University Hospital is a fully comprehensive service addressing the needs of patients requiring psychiatric care.

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