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Social services are important for supporting geriatric patients and their families. At Staten Island University Hospital, we believe that looking out for a patient's well-being means going the extra mile. Whether you need an assessment or a referral for other services in the community, our social services team can help. We offer information and assistance on concrete services, as well as counseling. We can also help you plan short-term and long-term care for your loved one. Through community education and caregiver guidance, we believe in strengthening the network of support around each patient.

Geriatric outreach services

Our geriatric outreach services include informational lectures on topics about aging. Call (718) 226-1440 for geriatric social services.

Support groups

We can refer you to a support group. Groups for caregivers, well spouses, and seniors with adult children who are developmentally disabled are available. In addition, there is support for coping with loss, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, elder abuse, early stage Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and many more. Group meeting points are located throughout Staten Island. Call (718) 226-6331.

Our Caregiver Services Program partners with the Jewish Community Center (JCC) and the Community Agency for Senior Citizens (CASC) to provide supporting services to caregivers who are caring for older adults (60 years of age and older) who are cognitively or physically impaired. Services include individual counseling, support groups, training and respite services.

JCC: (718) 720-6550

CASC: (718) 981-6226

Community support for geriatric wellness

Staten Island University Hospital offers medical services and evaluations for vulnerable populations like the geriatric community. We also believe in the importance of support groups and community awareness.