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 A young girl is laying in bed in a hospital. She is holding a teddy bear while talking with her doctor.
Offering a special focus on your child's unique needs
Our team of highly skilled pediatric surgeons specialize in a wide range of pediatric surgery treatments, including neonatal surgery to correct and treat newborn congenital issues, gastrointestinal surgery, oncologic surgery, thoracic surgery and surgery for injuries due to trauma.


When your child needs surgery, you want the best care available. At Staten Island Hospital, we provide the most advanced pediatric surgical care, provided in a family-friendly, comforting setting. Our pediatric surgeons are board certified, exclusively focused on the unique needs of children.

As a Level II trauma center, we offer acute care surgery for children and adolescents, as well as general surgery. We also work collaboratively with onsite experts from many pediatric subspecialties, including pediatric emergency, pediatric anesthesiology and pediatric critical care. Together, we strive to provide the best possible outcomes for young patients.

What we treat

Our team of pediatric surgeons specializes in a wide range of pediatric surgery treatments, including:

  • Neonatal surgery to correct and treat newborn congenital anomalies
  • Pediatric gastrointestinal surgery
  • Pediatric oncologic surgery
  • Pediatric thoracic surgery
  • Surgery for injuries due to trauma

Expert, child-friendly surgical care

We understand that surgery can be stressful for both you and your child. This is why we take the time to ensure that both you and your child understand the diagnosis, procedure and what to expect afterward. Our surgical team also meets with you before and after the procedure to help alleviate fear and anxiety. At Staten Island University Hospital, you gain the advantage of world-class pediatric surgical care, conveniently located close to home.

Pediatric surgery research and clinical trials

Currently, we are conducting clinical research in several focus areas, including cervical spine injuries and abdominal injuries.

Pediatric surgery education

As part of the many medical education opportunities at Staten Island University Hospital, we mentor medical students in pediatric surgery.

PKƱ us

475 Seaview Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10305

Our Surgeons

Director - Director-Spine & Pediatric Orthop Surg of Surgery - Orthopaedic Surgery, Staten Island University Hospital

Specialties: Orthopaedic Surgery, Pediatric Orthopaedics

Director of Service - Director-Pediatric Surgery and Trauma of Surgery - Pediatric Surgery, Staten Island University Hospital

Specialties: Pediatric Surgery, Surgery