About Us

DevCompanies is an independent IT research company, providing information to decision-makers on software development market globally. Our team of professional analysts has experience of working on both IT services buyers’ and providers’ side. Thus we can guarantee an unbiased approach to project analysis, price and deadlines estimations.

We see our mission in helping companies worldwide find the best vendors for their projects and making it easy for the two parties to connect with each other. Our project serves the needs of companies of different size, from emerging start-ups to large corporations.

Today our directory of software companies contains hundreds of trusted IT vendors, who have successfully completed admission procedure. And we welcome new service providers to join the project, as well as encourage clients to use all the possibilities of our online platform.


Hundreds of the best-in-class software vendors are just a few clicks away from you! Search our directory to get access to 100+ companies worldwide and find the vendor for your next project. You can also delegate all the routine vendors pre-selection and cost estimation work to our analysts. You name it, we calculate the price, find the most matching teams and present them for your approval.

Service Provider?

Join our directory for free! Create your company profile, provide references and project examples. Our analysts will contact you soon to discuss your skills and background. Once you’ve proved your expertise, you are in!


Feel free to contact us at info@devcompanies.com.