How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

Probably every company that is planning to go mobile wonders how much it costs to build an application. While the question is quite predictable, sometimes it is not that easy to answer. Same as it’s hard to say how much it costs to build a house. And still, let’s have a look at the factors that determine total development cost.

Factor #1. Vendor’s Reputation and Company Size

Looking for a mobile development company? Note that large vendors’ offers start from 500.000 USD per project, while smaller companies can do the same job for 40%-60% the cost. The difference in price does not necessarily cause the gap in quality. Smaller companies can offer lower rates simply because they have smaller operational costs or do their best to get new brands into their portfolio. As a result:

  • apps developed by the industry leaders cost between 500.000 USD to 1.000.000 USD
  • apps built by medium-sized agencies with good reputation cost between 150.000 USD to 450.000 USD
  • apps delivered by small teams with 2-3 people cost between 50.000 USD to 100.000 USD.

Factor #2. Application Complexity

And now it’s time to answer the question: what features do you want in your application? Basically, you can cut the above mentioned figures in half to understand the cost of an application without a server component or API integration, and be prepared to pay for everything what’s extra.

Factor #3. Platform & Device

  • iPhone Application Development Costs

Costs of iPhone app development can significantly differ depending on what devices you are targeting — smartphone, tablet or both.

Type of app

Cost (USD)

You provide

Table based app

1.000 – 4.000

A clear idea and examples of what you to get and all the content.

Native database app

8.000 – 50.000

All the content, images, sounds, etc. The total price depends in on the logic within your application, its architecture and usability.


10.000 – 250.000

You can try to keep your game simple. But sooner or later it will get more complicated. The bright side is that fun games get more downloads than any other apps.

  • Additional Features

Need some extra features? Keep this approximate price list in mind while making your development cost estimations:


Cost (USD)

In-App Purchasing

+1.000 – 3.000

Game Center


Share Capabilities for social media, e-mail, WordPress, etc.

+500 – 1.500

SDKs for tracking your apps’ performance

+50  200

  • iPhone Design Costs

Application designs usually come in package of all images that you might need. While searching for app designers, remember that the design will help convert visitors to clients and influence your return on investment. And here comes a rough costs estimation:

Target device

Cost (USD)

What to expect

iPhone only

500 – 10.000

You will get basic design and images to add into your application’s code.

iPhone 6


You will get a package with images sized at 2208 x 1242px.


+50%, in case the layout and user flow are similar to iPhone version

Most probably you will have to create a new functionality and design to make them compliant with the iPad size and restrictions.

  • Android Application Development Cost

Even with all the progress over the last couple of years, Android applications are still much harder to build. Therefore, sometimes an Android app development process takes 2-3 time longer than iOS apps. So don’t be surprised if your mobile consultant offers you to start with the iOS version and then move to Android.

How do I find the right mobile app developer?

Large vendor with global brands in his portfolio or a small enthusiastic shop — what would you choose, when it comes to costs of development and your expectations? We’ve created Mobile App Developers directory to offer you a full variety of choice. It contains only trusted software vendors who have successfully completed admission and verified the references. Send your project request to the companies you like and get a free project cost estimation.