Mobile App Developer Salary

Mobile App Developer Salary

Today mobile devices and apps are changing the way we communicate, do business, organize our daily schedule and entertain ourselves. Businesses see a great potential in the mobile market and are ready to invest into mobile development, thus making mobile app developers one of the most demanded IT professionals.

Tech Salary Guide for 2015 published by has shown 10,2% growth of mobile app developer salary in USA from last year. It has also demonstrated a large span in average mobile developer salary (from $107,500 to $161,500 annually) depending on their experience and skills. For example, developers using SWIFT are likely to earn more than their colleagues using Java, Objective C, C++ or C#.

If we take a look at the global mobile app development market, the pay gap gets even larger. Our brief overview of mobile app developers’ salaries worldwide has demonstrated that salaries are highly dependent on region, while the quality of development is not directly dependent on its costs.

Mobile App Developer Salary in United States

According to the latest data published on, skilled IT and digital professionals in the USA who can help businesses turn data into BI and open up new opportunities in the mobile space, earn on average $102,000 annually. Nationwide salaries range for various expertise levels and technologies.

Mobile App Developer Salaries by Expertise Level

Mobile App Developer in United States


Senior Mobile Developer in United States


Lead Mobile Developer in United States


Mobile App Developer Salaries by Technology

Senior iOS Developer in United States


Senior Android Developer in United States


Data source:, as of Aug 31, 2015

In general, IT professionals’ salaries are 35% to 38% higher than the US national average. And this is one of the reasons why US businesses tend to hire outsourced mobile app development teams in other regions.

Modern project management and collaboration software, as well as skype and other messengers eliminate the differences between development teams sitting next door and those located overseas. Outsourced labour markets demonstrate an impressing advantage in development price, while also being able to offer a competitive quality of mobile applications.

Mobile App Developers Salary in other Countries

We’ve taken a look at the countries and regions with big market share on the global mobile app development market and revealed what a mobile apps developer earns in these areas.

  • Eastern Europe (Belarus, Ukraine, Poland)

According to an independent online survey conducted in Belarus, an average mobile app developer’s annual salary here is:

iOS Developer $24,000

Android Developer $15,600

Data source:, as of Aug 31, 2015

While offering attractive mobile development rates, Belarus also has a remarkable reputation on the global development market. The country hosts numerous world-famous technical universities. It’s a home of talented developers, and most of them have professional certificates and speak fluent English. Check out Mobile App Developers from Belarus and their demonstrated portfolio of projects completed for the global brands.

When it comes to Poland and Ukraine, there can be a slight deviation from the above mentioned average developers’ salary level, but still companies in this region can offer an attractive price/quality ratio.

Many development companies from these region also have representative offices in the USA and Western Europe and are open for face-to-face communication at all project stages. Thus, working with the Eastern European providers can be an reasonable option that lets the customers cut down the budget without compromising the quality. Browse the relevant services and technologies categories to get a brief overview of the vendors open for cooperation.

  • India

Today Indian development market is rapidly expanding and offering a large supply of mobile app developers. Like in most regions, mobile app developer salaries here are strongly influenced by experience. And still, according to, an average mobile developer salary is 466,619 INR per year, which equals $7,026 as for Aug.31, 2015. However, don’t be tempted by attractive prices that Indian developers can offer and read their customers reviews carefully, as the quality of code and design delivered by Indian providers can be highly unpredictable.

  • Other Countries

Most of other countries that have a significant share on the global mobile development market can offer you a well-blended combination of price and quality. For example, according to, an average application developers’ salary in the United Kingdom equals £47,500 ($72,974) per year, which falls in between the US and Eastern European salaries.

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