Web Developer Salary: Which Technologies Pay More and Where?

Web Developer Salary: Which Technologies Pay More and Where?

Statistics say there are approximately 18,2 million software developers worldwide, and this figure is expected to grow to 26,4 million in the coming four years. But not all of them are treated the same when it comes to salaries.

For example, Ruby, C and Python developers in the US are, on average, making six figures, while their colleagues proficient in C# and PHP are more likely to earn less than $90,000. If we look beyond the US borders and compare web developers wages in other corners of the world, the difference in salaries will prove to be even more significant. So, who is likely to earn more, and who is paid less?

Top 10 Technology Salaries

A Melbourne based career planning start-up Gooroo examined 500,000+ IT job openings in the US, UK and Australia and published their “Best Programming Languages For Job Demand and Salaries, 2015” report.

According to Gooroo, the following 10 technologies pay more than $100,000 per year, with Erlang developers earning an average of $125,000:

  1. Erlang
  2. Clojure
  3. Haskell
  4. Lua
  5. Lisp
  6. Groovy
  7. Scala
  8. F#
  9. Ruby
  10. Python

Top 10 In-demand Technologies

At the same time, the list of most popular (frequently mentioned in job openings) technologies looks totally different, with only Python being present in both lists:

  1. Java — mentioned in 18% of job openings with the average salary of $100,000
  2. JavaScript — 17%, $90,000
  3. C# — 16%, $85,000
  4. C — 9%, $90,000
  5. C++ — 9%, $95,000
  6. PHP — 7%, $75,000
  7. Python — 5.5%, $100,000
  8. R — 3%, $95,000
  9. Scheme — 3%, $65,000
  10. Perl — 3%, $100,000

These figures are based on global statistics, but have a US bias due to the size of its market. In the UK C# hits the top (32%), and JavaScript leads (13%) in Australia.

Web Developer Salaries in United States

However you will rarely see jobs openings for just “Java Developer”, “PHP Developer” or “Python Programmer”. Most of all they describe required skills and experience, which influence the level of the compensation offered.

According to PayScale.com, the average web developer’s salary in the US spans from $36,000 to $80,000, depending on their location and experience. The median is around $54,000. If we take a deeper look into the jobs focus, we will notice difference in salaries based on that. For example:

  • Front-End Developers who focus on JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, associated frameworks like Angular and Backbone, and libraries like jQuery, earn from about $43,000 to $102,000, with a median of $66,000.
  • Back-End Developers with experience in Python and PHP, and frameworks like Django and Ruby on Rails, earn from $43,000 to $116,000, with a median of $75,000.
  • Full Stack Developers, proficient in the tools and technologies of both the front and back ends, earn on average $102,000.

However, job responsibilities, technology focus and level of experience are not the only factors that influence web developers salaries. This statement can be easily illustrated by checking how much web developers earn outside the US.

Web Developer Salaries in Eastern Europe

According to an independent online survey conducted by Dev.by website, a median developer’s salary in Belarus is:

  • PHP developer — $18,000 per year
  • Java developer — $19,200 per year
  • /C++ developer — $19,800 per year
  • .NET developer — $22,800 per year
  • Ruby developer — $34,200 per year

Data source: dev.by, as of Sep. 16, 2015

According to PayScale.com, median salaries in Ukraine are as follows:

  • PHP Developer — $24,273 per year
  • Java Developer — $24,467 per year

Median Java developer’s salary in Poland equals $20,407, reports PayScale.com.

The majority of IT-specialists in Eastern Europe have higher education and speak English. Web developers in this region are most expensive in capital cities (Minsk, Kyiv, Warsaw), just like anywhere else in the world.

Web Developers Salaries in Other Countries

  • A web developer in India earns an average salary of 239,318 Indian Rupees ($3,616) per year (source).
  • The average pay for a web developer in the Netherlands is €30,474 ($34,485) per year. A skill in Angular.Js is associated with high pay for this job (according to PayScale.com).
  • The average web developer salary in the UK is £39,861 ($61,812) per year.

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